Spare Parts for Matala® Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum

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Spare Parts for Matala® Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum

ASYPC002 Motor (Complete head) (BOM part no. 1+2+7~14)
ASYPC012 Electric Plate (BOM part no.7)
PC500001 Filter Box Sponge (BOM part no. 9)
PC500002 Rear Cover Frame (BOM part no. 10)
PC500003 Seal (BOM part no. 11)
PC500007 Float Frame Sponge (BOM part no. 15)
PC500004 Float (BOM part no. 12)
PC500005 Float Frame (BOM part no. 13)
ASYPC017 Net Bag with Zipper & Magic Tie (BOM part no. 16~18)
PC500008 Magic Tie for Net Bag (BOM part no. 16)
ASYPC003 Discharge Pump (BOM part no. 24+25)
Latch Set (BOM part no.3+30+31)
ASYPC009 Suction Coupler set (BOM part no.4+32~34)
ASYPC014 Gasket set  (BOM part no. 40+41)
Front Caster (2pcs per set) (BOM part no. 43+44)
PC500039 Rear Wheel (2pcs per set) (BOM part no. 47)
ASYPC005 Discharge Hose 32.8' (BOM part no. 52~55)
ASYPC015 Connector of Discharge Hose (BOM part no. 52+53+55)
ASYPC004 Suction Hose 26.2' (BOM part no. 56~62)
Connector of Suction Hose (BOM part no. 56+57)
PC500051-52 Connector of Suction Hose (BOM part no. 59-60)
ASYPC011 Handle Holder Assembly (BOM part no. 6)
PC500054 Bend Connector (BOM part no. 62)
PC500055 Plastic Extension Pole (BOM part no. 63)
PC500056 Plastic Extension Pole  (transparent) (BOM part no. 64)
PC500057 Stainless Steel Extension Pole
ASYPC022 3-piece Head kit (BOM part no. 66~68)
PC500061 Larger Head (BOM part no. 69)

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