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ProLine Skimmers have been designed to promote healthy pond life by capturing floating organic debris such as leaves, plants, flowers, grass and twigs into the skimmer basket before they can settle to the pond bottom, which will eventually create a layer of sludge. If left unattended, this will begin decaying and start to produce ammonia. Ammonia buildup can become highly toxic to delicate fish and aquatic life.

ProLine Skimmers are constructed of Heavy-Duty High-Density Polyethylene and can be fitted with a variety of pump sizes to return water to the pond via a waterfall, fountain or return jet. An optional Debris Pad is available for removing fine particulates such as floating dust & pollen. Fittings, hardware and silicone sealant are included to connect your Skimmer to 1 1/2” flexible or 2” rigid plumbing as well as seal the Skimmer intake opening to the pond liner.


• Strong Ribbed Cylindrical Housing Eliminates Cave-Ins

• Made from Heavy Duty High Density Polyethylene

• Ribs Anchor the Skimmer Solidly in Place, No Shifting or Heaving

• Tall 7" x 11" Wide Door for Efficient Skimming Over a Wide Range of Water Levels

• Install 2 Pumps in the Same Skimmer for Massive Flows and Maximum Efficiency

• Large Capacity Clog Resistant Leaf Basket that Keeps Debris Away from the Pump

• Accommodates Most Pumps Up to 8,000 GPH

• Versatile Bulkhead Placement Allows Multiple Inlets and Fittings Up to 2"

• Skimmer Lid Supports 300 lbs.

• For Maximum Cleaning, Use with Clearguard or ProLine Pressurized Filter Systems.

• Packed Individually


• Quickly Removes Fine Particulates Such as Floating Dust and Pollen

• Provides Ideal Medium for Biological Filtration

• Bypass Slotting Ensures Water Flow to Protect Pump Even When Pad Needs Cleaning

• Easily Cleaned and Inexpensive to Replace

Replacement Filter

 Owner's Manual

Model Item Weir Size Dimensions
Waterfall Specs Maximum Flow Operating Surface Area  Weight
PRO5000 SKIMMER WITH DEBRIS PAD 02475 24" L x 26" W x 23" H  11" W x 7" H 8,000 GPH 500 Square Feet 18 lbs

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