EasyPro™ Sludge Remover Bacteria 1 Oz Water Soluble Packets

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EasyPro Sludge Remover Bacteria contains a proven blend of enzyme producing pond bacteria which naturally reduces odor causing, decomposing organic debris and muck. This product also contains barley straw powder which helps keep pond water clean. Packaged in water soluble packets that simply dissolve in the water for easy application in water gardens and koi ponds.


  • This unique formulation is produced using a “no mess” water soluble packet, which simply dissolve in water for easy application
  • Reduces toxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Reduces problem causing nitrate and phosphate
  • Reduces murky water caused by organic wastes
  • Reduces organic bottom sludge (muck)
  • Reduces odors
  • Works in water temperatures down to 45° F
  • SRB-50B (50 lbs) will dropship from EasyPro.  Current Manufacturer Shipping Lead Times are shown here.


Directions for Use

Apply one 1 oz. packet per 1000 gallons of pond water every week. For heavy sludge or cold water applications below 45° F apply two 1 oz. packets per 1000 gallons of pond water per week until water clears. For large pond applications apply 15-20 1 oz. packets per 1/4 acre of water every two weeks. Heavy sludge applications can be applied at a double dose until desire results are achieved.


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