Calculating Surface Acres of an Earth Bottom Pond

Know Your Pond Size!

To ensure proper dosing amounts, it's important to know your pond size.  The illustrations below will assist you in determining your Surface Area (Acres) and your Acre Feet measurement. 

Surface Area (Acres)

1.  To find surface area in acres, your measurements should be in feet.  Use the appropriate following formula based on the shape of your pond to find surface area in acres.


Surface Area (Acres) = Length (feet) x Width (feet) / 43,560
 Acre Feet
2.  To find the acre feet measurement, multiply your surface area (figured above) by your average pond depth.  Average depth, in most cases, is 1/2 of the maximum depth.   A more accurate measurement of your average depth would be to take several depth measurements around your pond and take the mean of all of those measurements.
Acre Feet = Surface Area (figured above) x Average Depth