Calibrating HeatUp Aquarium Heaters

The calibration controller is the small black knob at the very top of the heater. Use a flathead screwdriver to turn the knob in the direction of the ( + ) plus sign on the blue temperature controller knob. Please refer to the instruction manual attached.  


After calibrating the heater, monitor the temperature of the water for any changes. We have attached the instructions to this email for your reference. Please contact us if there are no changes after several hours.

Calibrating the unit

  • Calibration range: It is possible to calibrate the unit by plus 6 °F and minus 6 °F.
  • The calibration controller protrudes out of thedifferent-colored temperature controller. There are 3 fixed positions in the plus and minus range. Each position corresponds to approx. 1° C.

NOTE: Do not attempt to go outside the calibration range.

How to proceed:

  • Use a screwdriver for the calibration or break the

supplied tool out of the holder.

  • Measured temperature is too high: Keep the temperature controller at the set value    and move the calibration controller in the direction of - (minus).
  • Measured temperature is too low: Keep the temperature controller at the set value and move the calibration controller in the direction of + (plus).



Reason why the tank temperature is slightly off from the heater

This is because the heater is in the filter as opposed to in the tank. The heating element is still in direct contact with the water but in a lower volume and out of the tank so a temperature difference like this is to be expected. They are able to adjust the heater up to 99, and there is also the post calibration settings for this exact purpose. Keeping the heater at 80 and adjusting the post calibration settings should be enough to equalize the tank temperature as well. The heaters will still sufficiently heat their assigned tank volumes, but because of the integrated heater feature removing the heater from the tank, the temperature and calibration settings have to be adjusted to accommodate for this.