Kasco® Troubleshooting & Electrical Reference Guide

General troubleshooting steps:

1. What is it doing? - Have you tried to re-start it? and how long does it run? - Does it always stop at the same time or randomly? - How long has it been installed? (new installation or existing) - How long has it not worked properly? - Anything new installed or changed? (lighting, other equipment)

2. Inspect and visualize the electrical installation

3. Look for tripped circuit breakers & GFCIs: Both Feed breakers & Kasco breakers 4. Look for damage: burned wires, lightning arrestor, etc.

5. Measure voltages feeding the Kasco panel

6. Turn the unit on and monitor to see if it trips – measure Amps

7. Ensure the timer(s) advance.

8. Light kit? Energize the light kit. Does it trip? Disconnect light kit, will the unit now operate without lights.

9. Quick Disconnect: disconnect motor and cap the cord; energize the cord in the water.(Look for water in the disconnect)

10. Look for cord damage, Animal chew, fish hooks, weed whip damage

11. Look for leaking Oil. (bad seals = water in the motor) Fishing line around shaft, plastic bag around shaft.

12. Pull the unit and inspect on shore.

13. Does the motor shaft spin free?

14. Turn the unit upside down and Meg ohm test.

15. 9, 10, 11 can be verified with a Meg ohm test as well