Airmax® Koi Air™ 1 Aeration Kit For Ponds 2,000 - 8,000 Gallons


SKU: 160194

Airmax KoiAir Aeration

Aeration For Healthy and Happy Fish!

  • Increases oxygen levels to ensure healthy pond life
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria growth for biological filters
  • Keeps a hole open on the water's surface
  • Adds oxygen, aerates, circulates, eliminates dead spots and keeps pond and fish active all year long

KoiAir™ 1 Includes:

  • High efficiency compressor
  • 1 KoiAir Membrane Diffuser
  • 1 roll of 25' EasySet 3/8" self weighted airline
  • All necessary fittings 
  • Maximum diffuser depth = 4'
  • 3 Year Warranty 

Hide your aeration unit with Airmax's Boulder Rock with Vent Holes

Owner's Manual & Replacement Parts

Airmax Koi Air Aeration Kit Owner's Manual 

Airmax Koi Air Replacement Diffusers 

Airmax Koi Air Replacement Diaphragm Kits 

Airmax Aeration Kits

Note from the Manufacturer:

Did You Know...

Did you know that the maximum depth the 2-stick self-weighted KoiAir™1 and KoiAir™2 diffusers should be placed is 4' and 5' respectively? Adhering to these depth parameters will insure that you get the longest life out of your aerator's diaphragm. 

Regular Maintenance:

Diaphragm Maintenance

Your KoiAir™ compressor will need a maintenance kit (KoiAir™ 1- Item #510145, KoiAir™2 - Item #510146) every 12–36 months depending on: operating depth, air quality and operating temperature. If your compressor is operating but there is no air coming out of the diffusers, you will generally find that it is time to replace your diaphragm.

Membrane Stick Maintenance

No maintenance required. Replace membrane sticks (#510165) if visibly damaged or if system has poor performance.

Air Filter Cleaning

Unscrew the cover on the back of the compressor to expose the air filter. Remove the air filter and brush away any dust particles. Air filter should be replaced every 6 months. (KoiAir™ 1- #510153, KoiAir™ 2- #510149)