Anjon™ Rectangular Basin with Cover



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Holds approximately 22 gallons

Dimensions: 28"L x 22"W x 10"H
Weight: 22 Pounds

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  • What is the weight limit for this basin?

    The amount of weight that can be supported by a basin varies. Specific weight ratings for basins are often not published because there are several variables that can occur in the field that could cause a unit to not meet a rating specification. It's important to remember that the basin is not designed primarily to support weight, but rather to transfer the weight through the unit to the ground beneath it. For example, a heavy rock or vase with a 1-foot diameter footprint places more stress on a basin than a rock or vase of the same weight with a 3-foot diameter footprint. The center supports of some basins can be filled with concrete to provide additional support, on other basins cinder blocks can be used between the grate and basin floor to help transfer the weight through the basin. A basin that is installed on well compacted soil, backfilled tightly around the edges and provided additional support such as blocks, or concrete filled support to transfer the weight through the basin will perform the best over the life of the water feature.
    In general the max weight for an EFB26 basin is 150 lbs.  For the FB28E max weight is also 150 lbs with additional support, such as filling the columns in the lid with cement to transfer the weight to the ground underneath.