Microbe-Lift® Aquatic Planting Media - Pre-Colonized with Beneficial Bacteria

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Pre-Colonized With Beneficial Bacteria!

It's ready to use straight out of the bag.

Potting Ratio Directions:
You can mix as little as 25% of MICROBE-LIFT/Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media with the planting soil of your choice.

“Heavy Garden Loam” seems to be the most commonly recommended aquatic planting soil. Peat is generally not recommended to mix into aquatic planting soil since it is light and disperses easily in pond water.

MICROBE-LIFT/Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media is laced with essential microbes that can allow aquatic plants the additional ability for easy nutrient uptake which is essential for good plant growth.

No matter what ratio of loam to MICROBE-LIFT/Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media you decide to mix, always top off your container plantings with 2” to 4” of the MICROBE-LIFT/Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media. This will help to prevent the dispersing of your soil mix into the pond water when lowering the planted container into position in the pond.

Lining Planting Baskets
Some gardeners prefer “laundry basket” type containers. Some
gardeners use containers made without holes. Whether you use
the laundry basket or another type of planting container, line the
holes. You can line the laundry baskets or plug container holes with
“hession” or any “untreated burlap.” This will contain your
MICROBE-LIFT/Aquatic Planting Media mix within the planting basket
and still allow the plants’ roots to breathe and still acquire the
essential nutrients needed for good growth

  • Ideal when potting aquatic plants
  • Retains oxygen
  • Kiln fired
  • All inert ingredients
  • No fertilizer, compost, peat or pesticides
  • Enormous surface area perfect to colonize beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • Allows mixing any ratio of loam to planting media
  • Nontoxic to plants
  • Will not break down, float or cloud pond water
  • Safe for all fish and aquatic life
  • Product label
  • Safety Data Sheet


Available Sizes

  • 10 lbs. (MLCAPM10)
  • 20 lbs. (MLCAPM20)


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