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Transformers provide dependable low voltage AC current to Atlantic LED Lighting Systems
  • Solid state Transformers are fully weatherproof for worry-free outdoor installations
  • TRANS88 and TRANS150 feature built-in photocell with light sensor and timer to turn on at dusk and off at dawn or after 4, 6 or 8 hours of operation
  • Connect wiring directly to TRANS88 and TRANS150
  • Available in 60 Watt, 88 Watt, and 150 Watt

Other Specs:

  • 4 foot cord length
  • Dimensions: 5¼"L x 2¾"W x 3¼"H


  • 3 foot cord length
  • Dimensions: 6⅜"L x 4¼"W x 3½"H


  • 3 foot cord length
  • Dimensions: 6⅜"L x 4¼"W x 3½"H


TRANS88 and TRANS150 Owner's Manual

TRANS60 Owner's Manual

Feel free to use the calculator below to calculate the proper sized transformer.  For more information on this, read here.