Atlantic® Skimmer & Pump Vault Rock Lid



Rock lids are available in 4 colors, Desert, Great Lakes, Mountain and Southern for the following Atlantic Water Garden Skimmers and Pump Vaults:

  • RL30D - Skimmer: PS3900, Pump Vaults PV1800 & PV2300- Desert
  • RL30G - Skimmer: PS3900, Pump Vaults PV1800 & PV2300 - Great Lakes
  • RL30M - Skimmer: PS3900, Pump Vaults PV1800 & PV2300 - Mountain
  • RL30S - Skimmer: PW3900, Pump Vaults PV1800 & PV2300 - Southern
  • RL40D - Skimmers: PS4000/PS4500/PS4600/PS4900 - Desert
  • RL40G - Skimmers: PS4000/PS4500/PS4600/PS4900 - Great Lakes
  • RL40M - Skimmers: PS4000/PS4500/PS4600/PS4900 - Mountain
  • RL40S - Skimmers: PS4000/PS4500/PS4600/PS4900 - Southern
  • RL70D - Skimmers: PS7000/PS9500 - Desert  (Ships Freight)
  • RL70G - Skimmers: PS7000/PS9500 - Great Lakes (Ships Freight)
  • RL70M - Skimmer: PS7000/PS9500 - Mountain (Ships Freight)
  • RL70S - Skimmer: PS7000/PS9500 - Southern (Ships Freight)


PLEASE NOTE:  The RL70's ship freight.  A valid phone number is needed as the freight carrier will need to call to schedule a delivery.  ALWAYS check the product before signing for acceptance of the product. 


Colors Shown Below:

Rock Lids

Shown below is Model RL70 (left) and RL40 (right)

Rock Lid Shown In Desert

Shown below Model RL30 (left) 

RL30 RL140

Model Numbers below depict Skimmer/Pump Vault Compatibility:

Rock Lid Model RL30 Dimensions: 24" Diameter x 5"

Rock Lid Footprint

Rock Lid Model RL40 Dimensions: 32" x 30" x 5"

Rock Lid Foot Print

Rock Lid Model RL70 Dimensions: 40" x 36" x 10"

Rock Lid Foot Print

Rock Lid Model RL140 Dimensions: 42" x 38" x 10"

Rock Lid Foot Print

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