CrystalClear® Natures Choice Barley Pellets

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CrystalClear® Barley Straw Pellets utilize barley degradation technology to help manage pond problems throughout Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall.  When placed in an area of the pond where there is a steady water flow, the barley pellets will slowly degrade.  As the pellets degrade, they emit a substance that assists in keeping your pond clean all season long.

  • Helps remove the pond owner's worst problem
  • Slow, sustained release
  • Easy application includes flow-through net
  • Safe for fish & plants


Sizes Available:

  • 2 lbs Treats 2,000 gallons
  • 5 lbs Treats 5,000 gallons


Application Directions: 
Simply remove the bag from the box & float it in an area where there is water movement, around a waterfall, spitter, stream or in an in-pond or out-of-pond filter. This will facilitate a gradual degradation of the barley & allow for more barley extract to be released into the pond system. After three months, replace the bag with a new one to begin the process again.

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