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Sludge is a layer of decomposed organic matter that accumulates at the bottom of a pond and is composed of fish waste, excess fish food, leaves, and other debris that settle over time.Excess sludge buildup can cause imbalances in the ponds ecosystem leading to several issues such as algae blooms, reduced water quality, reduced oxygen levels, odors, and aesthetics.

  • PURE Pond Sludge Bomb contains millions of natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria that rapidly break down and digest sludge and organic waste in your pond.

  • PURE Pond Sludge Bomb also helps convert toxic ammonia and nitrite.

  • Using PURE Pond Sludge Bomb regularly will help maintain a healthy pond environment and prevent excessive sludge build up.

  • One PURE Pond Sludge Bomb treats 5,380 gallons

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