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Trust GreenClean to immediately kill algae in any water feature around your home including ponds,containing fish, plants and aquatic life. GreenClean is an EPA registered, organic algaecide, so you can feel good about what is in your water.

Works Instantly On Even The Toughest Algae!  Great For Spot Cleaning!

  • Can be applied in water containing live fish and plants, including Koi and other sensitive fish
  • Works on contact to control all types of algae
  • Results can be seen within minutes
  • Professional strength formula
  • An EPA-registered, Eco-Friendly, non-copper based algaecide
GreenClean Granuluar Algaecide Directions
GreenClean Granular Application Rates

Available in 5 Sizes:

  • 1/2 lb. Treats up to 1,000 gallons 
  • 1 lb. Treats up to 2,000 gallons 
  • 2 lbs Treats up to 4,000 gallons 
  • 8 lbs Treats up to 16,000 gallons
  • 20 lbs Treats up to 40,000 
  • 50 lbs - Treats up to 100,00 gallons 

* Restricted- Not for sale in California

How Does GreenClean Granular Work?

It works through a powerful oxidation reaction to break down algae cells on contact.

How Do You Apply GreenClean?

Simply scatter the granules evenly over the algae infested area.  It can be made into a liquid solution.

How Much GreenClean Do You Apply?

See the chart at the bottom of this page.  Also use as a spot treatment when necessary.

Fish in Your Pond?

GreenClean will not harm fish or aquatic life.  Once diluted in water, it is non-harmful to animals.

Does GreenClean Get Rid Of Green Water?

Use GreenClean at low rates and remember that eliminating green water takes time.  The species of algae that is generally the culprit of green water is very difficult to control with a one-time, high-rate treatment.

Can You Use GreenClean on a Waterfall?

Yes, Turn the pumps off, apply GreenClean to the algae and then turn them back on after 20 minutes.

Is GreenClean Only For Water?

It can be used on hard surfaces to remove tough algae stains.  Use on unpainted patio furniture, walk ways, decks, siding, birdbaths and other surfaces that are prone to algae growth.

Determining Water Volume:

Length (ft) x Width (ft) x Depth (ft) x 7.5 - Gallons

Directions for String Algae:

  • Check for pH levels before applying.  pH level should be between 6.8 - 7.8
  • Apply early in the morning
  • Turn off circulation
  • Apply GreenClean to affected areas
  • Turn circulation back on after 10-20 minutes

TIP: Skimming dead algae from the water's surface can help prevent further algae.

See all of GreenClean's Algaecide Products and Situations for Use. 

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