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Hiblow® has manufactured air pumps for the pond and aquatic industries for over 30 years. They know that reliability, energy efficiency, and low sound levels are all extremely important for your aquatic systems. Their pumps provide aeration and water circulation for water gardens, koi ponds, backyard/ farm ponds, aquaculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics.

Benefits of subsurface aeration:

  • Helps keep the water clear of algae and other organic matter
  • Promotes healthy oxygen levels for fish growth and sustainability
  • Helps evenly distribute oxygen and water temperature
  • Creates a hole in the ice in the winter which allows toxic gases to release preventing fish kill


Some Things to Consider

  • HIBLOW recommendations are general guidelines for selecting a pump.

  • For depths greater than 6′, you may want to consider bumping up to the next size pump to offset the loss of air from the increase in pressure.

  • If you have an odd or kidney shaped pond, it may be advisable to contact a pond distributor for guidance as you may need multiple diffusers to properly mix and aerate the whole pond.

  • If breeding specific types of fish, we would recommend consulting with an aquatic specialist before selecting a pump as certain breeds require different levels of oxygen.

Aeration System Recommendations for Best Results

  • Keep the pump covered and, in the shade, and allow for enough air circulation around the pump.
  • 1/2″ ID tubing/ weighted line is suggested for distances between 50′-100′ and 3/4″ ID beyond 100′.
  • You may consider using a “Y” connection instead of a “T” connection when splitting the line for multiple diffusers to reduce backpressure.
  • Use medium bubble diffusers to limit backpressure and increase air flow. Place each at the same depth or use ball valves to even out the air flow/ pressure.

Replacement Diaphragm Kits

Spec Sheets

HP-20 and HP-40 Spec Sheets

HP-60 and HP-80 Spec Sheets

HP-100 and HP-120 Spec Sheets

HP-150 and HP-200 Spec Sheets

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