Kasco WaterGlow™ LED Lighting


SKU: led3125-50

Kasco Marine WaterGlow LED Lighting produces an appealing warm light color to light up JF and VFX fountains.

The standard 3 fixture LED kit with bracketing to fit the floats is ideal for 1 HP and smaller fountains.  It will illuminate the patterns on any of these models in darker areas with less light pollution, these will light the 2HP units but for a more dramatic display use the 6 fixture LED kit.

The 6 fixture LED kit is a double set of the 3 fixture LED kit for a total of 6 lights including light brackets and the additional float brackets needed for installing on any 2 HP to 7.5 HP.  The complete set includes everything you need to attach and use on these larger fountains and floats for a dramatic lighted display.

  • Includes Colored Lens (Red, Blue, Amber, Green & Pink)
  • Permanently sealed fixtures with 50,000 hour bulb life (up to 10 years)
  • Each fixture includes waterproof connector for individual replacement
  • Each fixture consumes only 9 watts of power
  • Non-corrosive and salt water ready
  • Includes necessary mounting hardware