Matala® BioSteps II Pond Filter - Mechanical and Biological Filter


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New BioSteps 11 Filter with 6 Matala filter pads for "Progressive Filtration".

Ideal for water garden ponds up to 2000 gallons and koi ponds up to 1000 gallons.

BioSteps II Pond Filter with EzClear 16W UV Clarifier specs and what it includes:

  • 2 Green Matala Pads, 2 Blue Matala Pads, 2 Gray Matala Pads. Amazing filter capacity and improved settling of solids within the filter chamber.
  • Flow rate 800 to 900 gals per hour. Gravity return to the pond.
  • New "Swivel Inlet Fitting" with barb sizes 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1.5"
  • Outlet fitting for 1.5" or 2" pipe connection or connection to optional Waterfall Spillway. The tank is an open flow "gravity return" to the pond.
  • Bottom Drain fitting for backwash of dirty water. Includes drain plug. Capable of connecting to optional drain valve (not provided).
  • Tank made from automotive grade plastic capable of cold and hot environments.
  • Outer tank dimensions 20"L x 15" w x 23" tall.
  • Capable of adding the optional 16 watt EZClear UV Clarifier and or optional Waterfall Spillway.
  • Replacement Filter Media

BioSteps II Pond Filter with EzClear 16W UV Clarifier

You also have the option to "add on" the optional 16 watt EZClear UV Clarifier or the optional Waterfall Spillway at a later time if you decide to upgrade after you install the Matala BioSteps II Pond Filter on your pond.

BioSteps II Pond Filter with Waterfall       


This includes all items described in BioSteps II above plus the added waterfall.


Magic Adapter


Magic Adapter includes the adapter and 2 collars (1-1/2" x 1-1/4" collar & 1-1/2" x 1" collar). 

NOTE! The NEW BioSteps II inlet “swivel elbow” fitting will only connect to the NEW 16 watt EZClear UVC. The Biosteps II comes with all necessary fittings to connect with the new 16 watt EZClear UVC

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