Matala® Heavy Duty Air Manifolds


SKU: SC2-38

  • Design for use when mulitple air diffusers are required
  • Reduce back pressure on your system by bleeding excess air
  • Put air diffusers in various locations around the pond or filter
  • Helps to keep your pump running cooler and prolong the life of prolong the life of the rubber diaphragms.

Use the SC2, SC3, SC4 for Matala air pumps HK25L to HK 80LH

Use the SC4 for Matala air pumps HK100L to HK120LH

Matala Air Manifold specs

The inlet barb which connects to the air pump is a 3/4" barb and fit into the white L tube that comes with your Matala air pump.

Manifold is use

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Matala Heavy Duty Air Manifold Specs