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Spring is the season of excess DOC's (Dissolved Organic Carbons) because fish and the smaller creatures are coming back to life, but the smallest (Microbes) are not yet able to perform at their best.  The nitrifiers are only half-heartedly removing ammonia when water temps are in the 50's Fahrenheit.  Your heterotrophic bacteria is working again (PL), breaking down the organic waste into ever smaller pieces, until it can adsorb it.  But the renewed fish activity inspires owners to start feeding before pond biology is "ready" to handle the increasing load.  Therefore, water changes and Microbe-Lift/Defoamer work beautifully.  Once fish have spawned (more foam!) the froth should be finished for this year.  By summer, your pond should be balanced again... and happy.

Eliminates Foam in Seconds!

MICROBE-LIFT/Defoamer gets rid of unsightly foam fast, leaving pond water clean and clear. Persistent foaming can indicate a heavy concentration of undissolved organics. Partial water changes can improve water quality which will help reduce foaming.

  • Leaves pond and fountain water clean and clear
  • For ponds and fountains of all sizes
  • Safe for fish, plants, birds and aquatic life

Available Sizes

  • 16 oz. (DFOAM16) Treats up to 16,000 gals.
  • 32 oz. (DFOAM32) Treats up to 32,000 gals.
  • Gallon (DFOAMGAL) Treats up to 128,000 gals

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