Atlantic® Oase FiItral UVC


SKU: 40349

  • All-in-one in-pond filters with integrated pumps and ultraviolet clarifier (UVC) for clear and healthy water
  • OASE Filtral UVC filtration system combines mechanical, biological and Ultraviolet filtration
  • Visually check the function of the integrated UVC without removing the unit
  • Connect optional AquaOxy Set to supercharge biological filtration (Filtral UVC 1200 only)
  • Pivoting telescoping nozzle with built-in flow control and diverter valve to run a small secondary water feature using the included stepped hose adapter
  • Features grounding plate to protect entire installation with unparalled safety
  • Sloped lid allows large debris to slide off rather than settling on the unit and clogging the intake
  • Filter foam, filter pebbles and bio-media provide surface area for beneficial bacteria
  • Qualifies for the OASE Clear Water Guarantee
  • Includes pump, 15' power cord, nozzle set, 2 filter sponges, bio-media elements, filter pebbles and UVC
  • 2 year warranty

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