Atlantic® Oase Proficlear Premium


SKU: 72374

  • Drum filters utilize a rotating screen to remove debris and moving bed filtration to strip ammonia and nitrites from the water
  • OASE ProfiClear Premium is a fully automatic filter system that offers hands-free operation of even fully stocked koi ponds
  • Pump-fed, flow-through drum filter provides effective cleaning and polishing of water down to 80 microns
  • Drum is fully self-cleaning with a built-in 29 psi high-pressure cleaning pump and automatic 4" waste discharge outlet
  • Moving Bed System with 40 liters of Hel-X Bio-media provides optimal biological filtration capable of decomposing up to 10 oz. of food waste per day
  • Filter capacity can be upgraded by adding an additional 20 liters of Hel-X Bio-media
  • Micro control system offers a choice of manual cleaning, time interval cleaning or full automatic cleaning via sensor
  • Can be buried up to UVC mounts for maximum versatility in filter placement near existing electrical source
  • Pre-installed insulation on the lid ensures quiet operation during cleaning cycles
  • Digital temperature display provides accurate water temperatures for seasonal maintenance
  • Add an optional Bitron C UVC clarifier to either ProfiClear Premium filter system for enhanced clarity and cleaner water
  • Integrated linear air stones provide extra oxygen in the module with included connection kit for AquaOxy 450 (not included)
  • Qualifies for the OASE Clear Water Guarantee when paired with the proper pump and UVC Clarifier
  • Fully control your ProfiClear Compact-M or -L with the Easy Garden Control (EGC) system from anywhere in the world (not included)
  • Included 2 year warranty + 1 with online registration
Proficlear Specs
Proficlear Premium
Proficlear Clear Water Guarantee

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