OASE Replacement Filter Cartridge for the BioStyle

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OASE Replacement Filter Cartridge for the BioStyle


  • The Replacement Filter Cartridge Set of 4 for the BioStyle 20, 30, & 50 and BioStyle Thermo 30 & 50
  • 5-in-1 Filtration – The BioStyle Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge provides 5-in-1 filtration which ensures clean, healthy, and clear water for your aquarium
  • No Mess Maintenance – The disposable filter cartridges are easily removed and replaced
  • Contains four replacement cartridges that fit inside the chamber of the BioStyle filter. Quantity needed depends on the size of the filter.
  • Each multi-stage cartridge includes a filter foam, chemical media mix, and filter fleece
  • Stage 1: Filter Foam – 45 ppi filter foam traps debris and waste and offers surface area for beneficial bacteria
  • Stages 2-4: Chemical Media Mix – Contains carbon, zeolite, and phosphate binder, that work together to remove odors, impurities, and harmful nutrients from the water
  • Stage 5: Filter Fleece – Traps extremely fine debris for a water polishing effect
  • Changing the filter cartridge – filter cartridge should be replaced after 4-6 weeks, depending upon aquarium size, number of fish and plants, and declines in filter performance
  • Rinse cartridge with water before use – do not open the cartridge
  • Available in sets of 2 or 4