Pond Free® Waterfall Packages


SKU: PF0500

It's neither a fountain nor pond - But a little of both!

The latest technology advance in ponds - isn't a pond. Enjoy the sounds of a lively water feature with virtually no maintenance, or standing water.  Pond Free Waterfalls and Streams can be controlled with a flip of the switch or activated by a timer.  When the power is off, water seeps back into its gravel-filled reservoir - out of sight!  Great for families with small children, businesses with liability concerns or homeowners who just want a carefree water feature!

The PF0500 kit can create a stream up to 8’ long x 3’ wide with a 3’ x 4’ reservoir. Savio Pond Free® systems provide everything necessary to build a dynamic waterfall or streamscape environment. Simply add rocks, plants, and water.

The PF1000 kit can create a stream up to 13’ long x 3’ wide with a 4’ x 5’ reservoir. Take your design to the next level with a Savio 13’ Pond Free® system. Package includes a powerful 3,960 gph Water Master Clear pump and additional liner for larger falls or a longer streambed.

8' Pond Free Waterfall (PF0500) Includes:

  • Waterfall Well
  • FilterWeir 16"
  • WM Clear Pump 2220
  • EPDM Liner - 10' x 15'
  • Underlayment - 10' x 15'
  • Kink-Free Hose - 2" x 15'
  • Black Foam
  • Plumbing kit
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • How-To Video

13' Pond Free Waterfall (PF1000) Includes:

  • Waterfall Well
  • FilterWeir16"
  • WM Clear Pump 3960
  • EPDM Liner - 10' x 20'
  • Underlayment - 10' x 20'
  • Kink-Free Hose - 2" x 20'
  • Black Foam
  • Plumbing Kit
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • How-To Video

The pump vault, which is placed in rounded gravel, holds the pump.  The water is pumped up to the waterfall via the hose where it flows over over the waterfall weir and back down into the reservoir of water.