Airmax® WipeOut™ Pondweed Defense Aquatic Herbicide All Season Control


SKU: 530250

WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide is the ideal herbicide for long-term management of aquatic vegetation. Can be applied early spring in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals, and irrigation canals. WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide contains fluridone, the same active ingredient found in Sonar® A.S. and Avast!® SC Aquatic Herbicide.

WipeOut has no temperature, swimming, boating or livestock restrictions and can be applied early in the season at the first sign of weed growth. A single application treats the entire body of water to control even the most persistent pond weeds including American pondweed, bladderwort, clasping leaf pondweed, coontail, curly leaf pondweed, duckweed, watermilfoil, hydrilla, lily pads, sago pondweed, spatterdock and naiad.

PLEASE NOTE:  WipeOut™ PondWeed Defense® cannot be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Washington or Canada.


4 Ounce
8 Ounce
Application Liquid Liquid
Active Ingredient Fluridone Fluridone
Temperature Restriction None None
Pond Size
(4 Feet Deep)
Up to 1/8 Surface Acre Up to 1/4 Surface Acre
Square Footage Per Container Up to 10,000 Square Feet Up to 40,000 Square Feet
Shelf Life 2-Years 2-Years


Treatment Area
WipeOut (Ounces)
1/8 Surface Acre
or 5,445 Sq Ft
3.8 fl oz
1/4 Surface Acre
or 10,890 Sq Ft
7.7 fl oz
1/2 Surface Acre
or 21,780 Sq Ft
15.7 fl oz
3/4 Surface Acre
or 32,670 Sq Ft
23.4 fl oz
1 Surface Acre
or 43,560 Sq Ft
31.4 fl oz
4 Surface Acres
or 174,240 Sq Ft
128 fl oz


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