Rebuild Kits for Matala Water Pumps


SKU: g-2300-/-g-3500

It is recommended to rebuild pumps regularly to maximize life of pump.  Include oil bottle, mechanical seal, gasket, o-ring, shaft sleeve and oil seal.  Used by different motors, the parts of the rebuild kit will vary).


VersiFlow Pumps:

  • V-3200/V-3900
  • V-4700/ V-5600

GeyserFlow Pumps:

  • G-2300 / G-3500
  • G-4200 / G-4900

GeyserHi-Flow Pumps:

  • GHF-9000
  • GHF-13000
  • GHF-18000

GeyserMax-Flow Pumps:

  • GM-3200
  • GM-3900 / GM-4700 / GM-5400 / GM-6200