Signature Series BioFalls® Filters


SKU: 99774

Aquascape Professional Grade BioFalls Filters provide the msot filtration and highest water flows in the market.  Durable, rotationally-molded polyethylene construction ensure maximum strength, and all Signature Series BioFalls Filters include a limited lifetime warranty.

Create your biological and mechanical filtration with the MicroFalls® Filter.

Aquascape's Biological Waterfall system provides complete mechanical and biological filtration.  Easy to install and maintain, these are the best-selling waterfall filters in the world! Aquascape's Biological Waterfall System only requires cleaning one time per year and are far less complicated compared to their competitors.  These filters are designed to be buried in the ground to create the beginning of a stream or raised to create the start of a waterfall.


    MicroFalls® Filter - #99774

    MicroFalls® Rock Tray - #98285

    MicroFalls® Filter and Rock Tray - #99774COMP

    MicroFalls® Replacement Filter Mat (New Style) - #99776

    MicroFalls® Replacement Filter Mat (Old Style) - #99216

    MicroFalls® Replacement Lip - #99791


    MicroFalls® Rock Tray #98285

    Help to naturalize your MicroFalls® Filter by adding the MicroFalls® Rock Tray.  This tray holds rocks, plants, and gravel.


    MicroFalls Filter Mat New Style 99776
    MicroFalls Filter Mat (Old Style) 99216