Simply-Clear™ - Clears Pond Water


SKU: 16-oz-pc248b

Clears Pond Water and Breaks Down Sludge!

  • Quickly clears murky, cloudy water and keeps it clean and clear through natural bacterial action
  • Triple action formula acts fast
  • Offers a long term solution to un-clear pond water

16 Ounces Treats Up To 4,000 Gallons

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 16 oz. - PC248B
  • 32 oz. - PC248G
  • 64 oz. - PC248D
  • 1 Gal. - PC248C


PondCare's Technical Reference Sheet states:

Purpose And Benefits:

Simply-Clear is a stable fast-acting bacteria that feeds on small-size organic materials that often cause cloudy water conditions. As the bacteria grow their their outer coating acts as a natural flocculent clumping together fine particles. These fine particles then either drop to the bottom of the pond or are removed by the pond filter. The bacteria further consume these particles, further reducing the cause of cloudy water conditions. The bacteria in Simply Clear require phosphate and remove it from the pond water. Simply Clear bacteria will quickly clear pond water and digest and naturally eliminate the floating particles that cause water discoloration.


Simply-Clear can be used in all ornamental koi ponds and water gardens. Simply-Clear is formulated to work in both cold and warm water. 
Accidental freezing of this product will not reduce its performance in the pond. In cold water (below 40ºF) the activity of Simply-Clear, as with all bacterial products, will be reduced.