Velda Round Floating Plant Islands


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Floating Pond Planter 10- & 14-Inch Round

  • 25 cm or 10 inch round (inner dia. approx. 5.25").
  • 35 cm or 14 inch round. (inner dia. approx. 8")
  • Will Float Aquatic Water Garden Pond Plants on Surface, Allowing More Plants in the Pond
  • Can be Linked Together, Tethered or allowed to Float
  • Traps Pond Soil, Substrates, and plant roots in the Basket
  • Prevents fish from eating plant roots

Floating Fabric Aquatic Water Garden Pond Plant Planter Baskets. The material is porous, so that the roots will always be supplied with enough water. The Styrofoam floating ring allows the basket to float in any random place on the water surface. However, it can also be tethered and fixed with a weight(Not Included)to the loop. Either way “Plant Islands” will be created, which present a fascinating effect, even in places where the water is too deep to plant on the bottom of your water garden pond.

The advantage is that the floating aquatic planter baskets sit (float) on the surface of the pond water, so the plant roots will remain in the water no matter how the water garden pond water fluctuates. Will Float Aquatic Pond Plants on Surface, Allowing More Plants in the Pond. Can be tethered and weighted to stay in one place or float free on the water surface. Traps Pond Soil in the Basket as the floating planter baskets are made from durable cloth.

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