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Since I do generally try to follow the rule of thumb of planting my annuals around Mother’s Day weekend to avoid the chance of frost (give or take a week), I decided to do some shopping.  The above picture is the one of the beautiful plants I brought home, a Caladium.  If you’ve ever grown caladiums, you probably appreciate these easy-to-grow beauties as much as I do.  I always love using them as a focal point in my pots on the front porch and anywhere else that a good splash of color is needed.

If you’re thinking about buying and growing caladiums, you are in luck.  They are widely available in plant or bulb form.  They are also easy to grow and you’ll be able to enjoy them all season long.  Here’s a few more statistics about these beauties:


For outdoor planting, plant when night temperatures are above 65° F.  Bulbs should be planted 2 inches deep and roughly 6-8 inches apart in well drained soil.  They prefer partial sun and partial shade.  Keep in mind that many species will grow in full sun but will require more water. 

For indoor planting, place bulbs 2 inches below the soil surface.  Water sparingly until the first leaves appear. 


Store your bulbs at the end of the season by digging them up after the first cool spell.  Allow them to cure 7 to 10 days before storing in a well ventilated area-like old pantyhose.  Keep them above 65° F until next season.

Happy Planting Everyone!

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