Differences between Pond Pumps

Differences between Pond Pumps

Carol Mund

Selecting a pond pump can be quite a task when you consider all of the factors that are associated with this purchase.  There are several different categories of pond pumps, which are outlined below.  Each one of these categories serves a particular application best.  Finding the best pump for your application will help assure electrical efficiency, increased pump and less hassles altogether.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Mag drive pumps, as they are commonly referred, offer more electrical efficiency but are not as powerful.  These sealless pumps transmit torque by magnetizing the impeller.   They find great application in waterfall and streams that meet their low and medium head requirements.  

Direct Drive Pumps

These pumps are more powerful, offering a more maximum head height than mag drive pumps but also use more electricity as well.  They are used quite commonly in larger waterfalls and streams.

Hybrid Pumps

These new generation pumps offer great performance and high efficiency.  They boast that they are low maintenance and extremely quiet.  To date, there are few companies manufacturing these pumps.  

Statuary/Fountain Pumps

These pumps are commonplace in fountains, spitters and other stand-alone applications.  

External Pumps

These pumps are installed outside the pond and are used on larger-sized ponds.  Many of these pumps use priming pots on the intake to assure that the pump stays primed.

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