Making your Own Water Feature

Making your Own Water Feature

Carol Mund
Water Feature 

Who doesn’t love the sound of water on a nice warm day? While there are some beautiful water features that you can buy, the cost might not be in your budget. If this is your scenario, then simply make your own. With as little as 2 items that you might already have around your house, you can have your water feature up and running in as little as 10 minutes. See how to do it:  

Items needed:

1. A Container – I used this old crock that I’ve had lying around. It’s durable and it holds water. Having a water tight container is obviously a necessity. So get creative with existing containers that you have.   

2. Pump- If you don’t have one of these pumps, they are reasonably priced. You can pick one up for under $10. This particular pump has a head lift of 2.1 feet. This measurement, head lift, is the height the water will be propelled out of the pump, not including frictional forces.  

3. Landscaping brick or other elevation device (optional) – A landscaping brick works well to elevate the pump so it’s closer to the surface of the water. This gives the water that “bubbling” effect. You might not need this if you have a pump that has a bigger head lift.   

4. Aquatic Plants (optional) – Plants will give your water garden a more natural feel. They can also help to hide your pump power cord. I originally planned to incorporate plants into my water feature but my dogs have decided they like to drink from it!  


Clean your container thoroughly with soap and water. Place your container in its chosen final location. If you’re using a landscaping brick, center the brick in the bottom of the container. Fill your container with water and place the pump on the brick. It’s  

Assembling Your Water Feature

that simple. 

Other Considerations:

  • Over the course of the summer, evaporation and animals drinking from the water feature will result in water loss. Your water level needs to be kept above the pump at all times. Failure to maintain this water level will most likely result in a pump failure.
  • Controlling algae is another concern. Maintain your water feature by draining in and thoroughly cleaning it with soap and water as needed. Be cautious about using chemicals, like chlorine, especially if you are allowing animals to drink out of this container.

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