Pond Water Treatment Products

Pond Water Treatment Products

Carol Mund

Whether you’re a rookie or an old pro in the water garden hobby, the wide selection of pond water treatment products can be overwhelmingly confusing.  So, this article is meant to be used as a summary of some of the common water problems associated with ponds and the manufacturer’s product descriptions that will help you decide what product best fits your needs.  As always, be sure to follow manufacturer’s recommended dosing.

Pond Clarity

Pond water that is cloudy and discolored has pond clarity issues.  Most pond clarity products eliminate cloudy water by a process that causes cloud-forming particles to clump together into larger clumps called flocculation.  These flocculated particles are captured in skimmers, filters or will settle to the bottom of the pond if other filtering methods aren’t available.

PondCare® Accu-Clear® is a colorless liquid that rapidly eliminates cloudy water in koi ponds and water gardens.

PondCare® Simply-Clear is a stable fast-acting bacteria that feeds on small-size organic materials that often cause cloudy water conditions.

Aquascape Rapid Clear Reformulated EcoFloc™ clears cloudy or discolored pond water within 24 hours. Each pump of the dispenser treats up to 100 gallons.  This product is available in a new environ-friendly refill pouch.


Most pond owners will experience some algae.  Manageable amounts can be expected but too much can be a sign your pond isn’t balanced properly.  The following products are only a temporary solution to why your pond is out of balance.  It’s advisable to investigate the root cause of your algae problems.

PondCare® AlgaeFix® controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanketweed in ponds that contain live plants.

Aquascape EcoBlast™ works best is if applied directly on the algae.

PondCare® Microbial Algae Clean™ is a bacterial algaecide which also helps to establish and maintain the biological filter.

Clean, Healthy Well-Balanced Pond

Maintaining a healthy ecosystem for your pond fish is the ideal result.  To help achieve this, these products help to break down fish waste and dead algae with an end result of a well-balanced pond.

PondCare® Ecofix contains beneficial bacteria that will help break down dead algae, increase oxygen levels in the pond and help make the pond water clean and clear.

PondCare® Pond-Zyme® with Barley helps to break down fish waste and dead algae

EcoBarley™ Liquid Extract helps to reduce pond maintenance by breaking down pond sludge and keeping filter pads cleaner.

Healthy Water for Fish

Healthy water is essential in maintaining healthy fish.  These toxins are colorless and odorless to us, but if left untreated, can cause fish illness or death.  Understanding your specific levels of toxins can be achieved by using a pond test kit.

Aquascape Pond Detoxifier removes and detoxifies chlorine and heavy metals, as well as, neutralizes ammonia.  It also protects and repairs fish mucus membranes.

PondCare® AmmoLock® is an ammonia detoxifier that also eliminates ammonia stress and promotes healthy gill function.  Ammonia is colorless and odorless but will result in fish loss at high levels.

PondCare® Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer instantly removes chlorine and heavy metals found in tap water.

PondCare® pH Down® decreases the pH in garden ponds by neutralizing excess alkalinity.

PondCare®pH Up® increases the pH in garden ponds by neutralizing excess acid.

PondCare® Stress Coat® is a water conditioner that contains Aloe Vera, which acts as a liquid bandage to protect and heal damaged fish tissue.  It also instantly removes the chlorine and heavy metals found in tap water.



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