What to Do if Your Pump Fails

What to Do if Your Pump Fails

Carol Mund
Aquascape Tsurumi PN

The pump is the heart of your pond.  When it’s ailing or failing, quick action is needed.  Obviously ruling out a simple fix to your pump should be your first and most logical step.  Aquascape has an informative article that we have summarized to help you with the solutions to the common pump problems.

If pump replacement is inevitable, then swift action should be taken especially when warm weather is present.  A pond left without proper pump filtration in warm temperatures can cause water quality deterioration and decreased oxygen levels, which can cause stress to the fish leaving them vulnerable to illnesses and death.

Waiting on the pump to arrive?

If pump replacement is the solution and you are waiting on the arrival of your new pump, consider some emergency ailments below to help your pond maintain during this time:


Aquascape 2-Stone Pond Aerator #99448

Without the pump to help replenish oxygen levels, a pond aerator with diffusers can be added.  If you don’t have access to a pond aerator, an aquarium aerator could be used in a pinch.   This will at least provide some aeration until the new pump arrives.

Monitor water quality

Without the pump to help remove wastes from the water, ammonia and nitrite levels most likely will increase.  Constant monitoring of your water quality is crucial.  In addition, feeding your fish should be temporarily stopped so that more toxins are not introduced into the pond.

Water changes

If while monitoring your water quality you notice dangerously high levels of ammonia and nitrite, a partial water change of up to 30% could help to relieve the toxin levels, as well as, add more oxygen back into the pond.


Good Luck!

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