Wildlife Nest Boxes

Wildlife Nest Boxes

Camila Grottesi

If you are interested in attracting certain wildlife species to your property, the addition of nesting boxes can encourage certain species to take up residence to fulfill several of their basic needs-nesting and shelter.  Whether you plan to construct your own nest boxes or buy them, there are several important factors will help assure for a successful happy nester.

Each wildlife species has specific needs pertaining to their nesting box internal cavity size, as well as, the entrance hole size into that nesting box.  These dimensions will help determine what species can inhabit the box and which ones are excluded.

In addition to nesting dimensions, it’s equally as important to install the nesting box at the correct height and location most suited for your target species.

Below is a list of common wildlife species found in the Midwest region of the United States.


Happy Nesting to you and your friends!

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