Water Features Can Fit Anywhere!

Water Features Can Fit Anywhere!

Carol Mund

Whether you have a big or small yard, a water feature of any size is easily achievable.  There are so many options available that the only limitation is your imagination!  So, it’s alright to think outside the pond!

Aquatic Patio Ponds

Aquascape’s Patio Ponds (right) have the look and durability of real stone with the light weight of fiberglass.  These Patio Ponds make it simple to create your own water garden.  Just add water, plants and fish! Available in 3 sizes and 3 beautiful colors to choose from.

Bubblers, Spitters and Fountains

Aquascape has a complete line of bubblers, spitters and fountains available in ceramic, stone, fiberglass and brass.  New for 2011 is the Giant Mushroom Fountain made from a fiberglass stone composite.  All the beauty with less weight. These water features are versatile, in that they can accent an existing water feature or can be a stand alone focal point.  You won’t be disappointed with the selection or quality.  Check out our selection.

Aquarock Kit

Aquascape’s Aquarock Kits are a complete kit all contained within a five gallon bucket!  How easy is that?  Available in 2 stone colors.  This is a great family project as well.

Container Water Gardening

Do you want to save some money and make your own water feature?  It’s easy and fun project.  Create your own water garden with items you might already have around your house.  Check out this blog article to find out more.


Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are an alternative to a pond. In essence, it is a waterfall without a pond. Check out our wide selection, including the Atlantic Water Gardens Colorfalls (right).  The Colorfalls Lighted Falls  are designed to work with most retaining walls and to add that beautiful sheer waterfall for hours of enjoyment.  You have a choice 4 different colorful low energy LED lights to enhance your experience.  Three different sized kits are available.

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